Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tarragon Chicken

1 skinless chicken breast per serving
2 tbs half fat crème fraiche per chicken breast
Sliced onion
50g sliced mushrooms
Sprig of fresh tarragon or 2 tsp dried.
Salt and pepper to taste.

1. Sauté the onions and mushrooms with the butter in a large frying pan until brown and crisped. Add the chopped fresh or the dried tarragon. Sir through well. Remove and keep to one side.
2. In the same pan, cook the chicken breast(s) until thoroughly cooked inside - there should not be a hint of pink in the flesh.
3. Add back the cooked onions and mushrooms, then add the crème fraiche. Turn up the heat and cook through until the sauce turns slightly caramel in colour.
4. Serve with fresh vegetables or on a bed of brown rice.

1 comment:

Louise said...

I find it best to chop the chicken up small rather than a huge breast of chicken.